Veterinary Medical Center

“In Veterinary Medicine, we’ve always known that water quality is an important consideration in livestock operations. In the past couple of years, many swine veterinarians have followed the lead of poultry veterinarians by increasing our scrutiny of water quality. Bacterial and algae contamination, as well as increased iron and mineral levels, have been common problems identified in animal agriculture.

Silver Bullet has been the best product that we have seen to decrease bacterial contamination in water and assist in eliminating iron and other minerals from livestock drinking water.

Silver Bullet creates negative oxygen (O-) gas that, when added to water, is very effective at oxidizing or killing bacteria. This oxygen (O-) also binds with iron and other minerals to help improve water quality as well as helping to clean water lines by eliminating biofilm or sludge. We’ve seen improved water quality after the installation of Silver Bullet and believe that the health of many operations has improved by helping to eliminate bacterial contamination that can lead to occasional diarrhea problems in many swine nurseries. By improving water quality, we believe Silver Bullet has helped increase water intake, which leads to improved feed intakes in both dairies and feedlots. We have seen sow cool cells cleaned by eliminating the mineral buildup and have also seen biofilms decreased in water pipes. One client has reported an improved recovery following a PED outbreak.

Any bacteria or virus that is present in the water will be killed with Silver Bullet.

Hydrogen peroxide and chlorine work in similar actions, but Silver Bullet is an easier and simpler process to improve water quality in livestock operations. Contact Silver Bullet or Prairie Livestock Supply with any questions regarding Silver Bullet installation or operation”

Steven D. Dudley, DVM
Veterinary Medical Center
Worthington, Minnesota