Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company Launches New Product

Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company (SBWTC), a leader in sustainable water management solutions
and consulting, announced today the launch of their newest product: Flock Flourish Litter Treatment. This
new offering expands the Company’s breadth of products and continues to prove its commitment to the
agriculture industry by offering consultative services to help solve poultry farm challenges.

Uniquely formulated and designed to accommodate several treatment needs within the poultry barn, this
first-of-its-kind litter treatment will profoundly impact our customer’s operational performance. Flock
Flourish is easy to use, affordable, and an environmentally responsible alternative for poultry farms.

By adding Flock Flourish Litter Treatment, commercial poultry farms can remove the use of hazardous and
irritating treatments. This product will help reduce footpad dermatitis, and reduce ammonia, hydrogen
sulfide gas & other odors, and replaces the use of other treatment solutions that are harmful to animal
health. These benefits will improve animal welfare, improve operations and ultimately improve flock

“This is exciting because as part of SBWT’s consultative approach to providing farms full treatment
beyond water, we now can offer products too,” said Doug White, Vice President of the Livestock
Drinking Water Division. We’ve received positive feedback from multiple poultry farms in the Midwest,
that have yet to use a Bordetella prescription since using the litter treatment.

The next generation SBWTC Flock Flourish Litter Treatment is being brought to market in tandem with
High Country Enterprises. This partnership will allow both companies to expand their position as a
leader in the Agri-Tech space in an effort to improve poultry farmers’ operations and animal health.

About Silver Bullet Water Treatment
Established in 2011, Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company – TREATS WATER BETTER – through our
commitment to solving our customer’s water quality challenges by engineering and installing
comprehensive water treatment solutions and services. Silver Bullet Water Treatment is inspired to
develop and introduce innovative, progressive solutions. The Company is recognized as a go-to
knowledge resource for the horticulture, livestock drinking water, and commercial cooling industries.

About High Country Enterprises
High Country Enterprises was founded in 2003. The Company started as a distribution of products that
are used in the production of livestock. Co-Owners Doug and Tamara White have over 50 years of beef
ranching, farming, and feedlot experience. Over the years, High Country Enterprises have specialized in
bringing products to producers that are both effective and economical in aiding in livestock
production. Currently, High Country Enterprises distributes to most phases of livestock production,
including Beef, Poultry, Swine, and Dairy.

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