Silver Bullet’s Advanced Oxidation Process Water Treatment System

Our patented technology solution harnesses natural processes to condition water and improve its performance. Classified as an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP), Silver Bullet generates a hydroxyl radical-based mixed oxidant, the strongest oxidant that can be applied in water.


Relative Oxidation Power of Key Oxidizing Agents




As the Silver Bullet mixed oxidant hits the water, the interaction with water molecules forms highly reactive hydroxyl radicals that oxidize many different compounds. Other oxidizing species also result from the presence of hydroxyl radicals, which quickly trigger various chemical reactions, oxidizing minerals and contaminants in the water, killing bacteria and breaking down calcium buildup to mitigate scaling.

Silver Bullet’s advanced water treatment system pulls in air from the surrounding environment. The air passes through patented Silver Bullet sleeves containing UV technology and other proprietary components. The ambient air is modified as it passes through the sleeves, creating negatively charged oxygen atoms, which is then dispersed into water.

A portion of the dissolved oxidants combine with water molecules (H2O) to create hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), another effective biocide.

The Silver Bullet AOP system is fully redundant for fail-safe, continuous operation.  Our services and water technology are rented on a monthly basis.  Each install is fully customized for our customers, so pricing varies depending on the needs of our customers.

Benefits of the Silver Bullet system: 

    • Rapid reaction rates

    • Recognized as an effective biocide

    • Small environmental footprint

    • Easily automated and controlled

    • Reduced labor and maintenance


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