Case Study Highlights SBWT PH Management and Microbial Control Solution Success on Egg Farms

The impact of water quality on egg production was the focus of this case study which outlines the engineering, design and integration strategies Silver Bullet Water Treatment (SBWT) uses for a large commercial egg-production facility.

SBWT engineered a two-part treatment solution to treat ground water sourced from an on-site for the purposes of hen drinking, egg washing, facility wash down and other miscellaneous applications. SBWT’s solution was to inject oxidant gas into the blended water stream to provide microbial disinfection ahead of the intermediate storage tank. SBWT’s new SMART dosing technology also was used to provide accurate pH control to within 0.5 standard pH units.

Summary of Case Study results:

  • Total coliform levels were held below a target threshold of 50cfu/cc.
  • Routine 3rd party water analysis showed microbial control had exceeded expectation.
  • Target pH value of 6.8 ±0.5 s.u. was achieved and trending pH levels also exceeded expectation, locking into the target value at ±0.2 s.u.
  • Client reported that Silver Bullet’s treatment solution led to a net increase in average shell thickness and corresponding reduction in egg loss due to breakage.
  • Improved feed conversion for the laying hens.
  • Egg wash process more sanitary and effective.
  • Following the performance review at client facility, the company-initiated plans to incorporate Silver Bullet treatment solutions at other corporate production facilities.
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