Mission & Values

Our Mission is “To provide our customers innovative, clean water treatment solutions to positively impact the environment, improve health, and increase productivity.”


Integrity –  At Silver Bullet, integrity is a key component of all our activities. We believe that integrity means maintaining honest and transparent relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers, dealers, and even our competition. Honesty is crucial to our success and we are vigilant in maintaining our integrity at the highest possible level.


Passion – We are passionate about our mission to provide clean water throughout the world – pursuing this mission with fierce intensity. We also believe in maintaining a positive attitude towards the challenges we encounter and being tenacious in finding solutions. Most importantly, we at Silver Bullet love what we are doing.



Freedom – All of our employees are free to make decisions that have an impact on the direction of the company. We persistently confront new challenges, encourage innovation, learn from our mistakes, and grow to improve the quality of our work. However, with this freedom also comes the ultimate responsibility to decide our own success or failure. Such great freedom makes us each accountable to each other and to the success of the company.


Love – We believe that in order to have successful relationships with our employees, dealers, suppliers, and customers, love must be incorporated into everything we do. This means treating everyone with respect, gratitude, and forgiveness. By treating everyone with love and respect we nurture success and grow both as a company and as individuals.


Collaboration – Collaboration is one of the most essential elements of any successful business. Cooperation among employees allows us to pool our collective intelligence to overcome even the greatest of challenges. Collaborating with dealers, suppliers, and customers elevate us all to success.



Family – Family is as important as the core business itself. At Silver Bullet, family means two things: First, we recognize that all employees deserve ample opportunity to spend time with their families. Second, Silver Bullet is a family. We also consider our dealers, suppliers, and customers to be part of our extended family and we will always be there to support them, nurture them, and help them succeed.


Laughter – Laughter is an essential element to our daily lives, and thus, our business. We strongly believe that humor has a crucial role in the work place and can brighten up someone’s day. We strive to include laughter in our daily operations because a happy work force is an effective work force. Besides, life is too short to not be happy!



Mutual Fair Benefit – The relationships we establish with each client and each employee is a financial one. Mutual Fair Benefit means fairness to employees in compensation, fairness to clients in pricing, and fairness to Silver Bullet in profitability. It also means establishing a bond of loyalty and trust between our organization and our clients and that we constantly cooperate to meet each other’s needs. However, if a point arrives where we no longer meet each other’s needs, the relationship should end amicably.


Community –  At Silver Bullet we believe in creating opportunities for members of our community. Not only do we hire and source locally, we proudly manufacture our product in Denver, further helping create high quality jobs in our community. Hiring dealers to join us in our mission creates opportunities for them and their communities as a whole. We also believe in giving back to our community through contributions to higher education programs, participation in charitable foundations and events, and involvement in local volunteer organizations.


Service – At Silver Bullet, we believe that our product is a service to the World. We strive to support our dealers and our clients by providing reliable service and assistance. We also understand the importance of continuing education and advancing the field of water treatment with innovative and revolutionary ideas and technology. It is our goal to teach our peers in the water treatment community about treating water in a sustainable manner.