Silver Bullet is Trusted by the Top Companies in Our Markets

Our technology is proven to effectively TREAT WATER BETTER in our four core market spaces: Livestock Drinking Water, Data Centers, Commercial Cooling, and Horticulture.

Silver Bullet is proud to be installed on:

  • 7 of the top 10 poultry producers in the United States

  • 4 of the top 10 pork producers in the United States

  • 3 of the top 10 data center companies in the United States

  • Government buildings, museums and corporate buildings requiring commercial cooling throughout the United States


Value Delivered to Each Market

For each market that we serve, we offer a unique, clean water value proposition that distinguishes our service and technology from the competition by analyzing water data for every client to offer effective and custom water solutions.

Data Centers

Data Centers: Sustainable water treatment solutions that provide a return on investment through maximized cooling system, resource and labor efficiency

Commercial Cooling   

Commercial Cooling Towers: An environmentally-conscious water treatment solution that aligns with our customer’s economic and sustainability initiatives

Livestock Drinking Water      

Livestock Drinking Water: Sustainable water treatment technology to aid in disease prevention and loss reduction


Horticulture: Patented water management solutions for improved plant production, resource efficiency and labor savings