Long Lake Colony

A Silver Bullet Case Study: 1,800 Head Swine Operation Reports Increased Animal Weight, Production and Revenues

The Grower’s Problem

Long Lake Colony Farm is an 1,800-head swine operation located in Wetonka, South Dakota that uses a 25,000 gallon per day capacity well-water system. Preliminary testing of the system showed elevated bacteria levels in the farm’s water. The water quality also contributed to clogged water lines in the animal drinking system. The bacteria and water line issues resulted in strep problems in the barns, scours outbreaks, lower than expected breeding production, and below ideal animal weight in the farrowing facility.

Long Lake Colony had been using a $2,000-per month chlorine-based program for water treatment, but the owner was unhappy with the resulting water quality, less than ideal animal weight gain and that unsatisfactory overall animal health.

After consulting with the owners of Long Lake Colony, Silver Bullet Water Treatment took on the task to improve the water quality (bacteria levels, taste and odor) with a goal to enhance the farm’s disease prevention program and maximize return on investment by lowering pig mortality rate and contributing to increased animal weigh out.

The Silver Bullet Solution

Based on Long Lake Colony’s 15,000 gallons per day water usage rate, Silver Bullet’s Green Chemistry solution was to install its AG310 model, which has the capacity to effectively treat 10,000 to 25,000 gallons of water per day. To measure the impact of the Silver Bullet system, Long Lake Colony agreed to report its aerobic bacteria, coliform count and animal weigh data out over an 8-month period beginning with the month before the Silver Bullet unit installation.

The Silver Bullet Solution Results & Benefits

Within the first 3 months of the Silver Bullet Water Treatment solution being implemented, Long Lake Colony’s total aerobic bacteria dropped significantly to levels nearing zero and remained at zero throughout the course of the case study (Figure 1).

As exhibited in Figure 2, the bacteria and coliform levels remained at zero throughout the 8-month testing period. These lower bacteria and coliform levels resulted in no strep in the weaning barn, no scours, and a 5% increase in breeding.

Another positive impact from the Silver Bullet solution was that average animal weigh out increased by 2 pounds by the end of the study (Figure 3). Long Lake Colony reported that the return on investment benefit from the increased weight gain of its animals was $500 per week increase over pre-Silver Bullet levels.

Silver Bullet Water Treatment is the Premier Water Treatment Choice of Today’s Livestock Producer

The Long Lake Colony case study results show that Silver Bullet’s solution provides benefits over hazardous chemical water treatments such as more effective animal disease prevention, animal loss reduction, an increase in average weight and improved revenue generation.
The Silver Bullet’s Green Chemistry solution also supports farm sustainability programs, provides a market advantage over competition, and generally allows hog operations to run more easily. Along with the above benefits, Silver Bullet provides its customers cleaner water lines and less biofilm in the water system, which makes saves money on maintenance costs. Clean water for pigs is better tasting, better smelling, and leads to more water consumed and improved feed conversion. The bottom line is by installing the Silver Bullet Water Treatment solution, Long Lake Colony has healthier, better producing animals, and increased farm operating efficiency.

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