Livestock Drinking Water

Chicken watering system

"Silver Bullet has been the best product that we have seen to decrease bacterial contamination in water and assist in eliminating iron and other minerals from livestock drinking water."

- Dr. Steven Dudley


livestock drinking water dairy cattle

"The Silver Bullet accomplished

things in weeks that we have

been trying to do for years."

- An Indiana Dairy

"After the installation of the Silver Bullet, our scour problem in the nursery disappeared. Silver Bullet also solved the problems we were having with Streptococcus that traditional chemicals could not fix."

- Long Lake Colony

Improve the Quality of Your Livestock Drinking Water

Raising healthy, high quality animals starts with the water you provide them.  We are focused on treating livestock drinking water to positively impact overall animal health and improve your production processes.

Some of the many water issues we solve are:

  • High mineral counts such as iron and manganese

  • Elevated Total Suspended Solids (TSS) levels

  • High microbial populations of coliforms and bacteria

  • Elevated levels of organics that contribute to increased chemical oxygen demand (COD)


We Treat & Enhance Your Water Supply

Silver Bullet systems for livestock drinking water provides our customers with multiple options to treat and enhance source water to maximize efficiency in the animal production process. Our water treatment solutions for livestock are designed to:


Silver Bullet’s Benefits & Advantages

From well water treatment to chicken watering systems, our patented, commercialized technologies and deep understanding of the specific agricultural water management needs of our livestock producers allow us to provide solutions that positively impact water quality and your bottom line.

Our water treatment technologies and solutions:

  • Improve water taste and odor

  • Oxidize mineral content

  • Decrease the levels of pathogenic bacteria and microbes

  • Manage organic content and microbial outbreaks

  • Make it easier to manage your livestock drinking water systems

For sales, service and more information about our livestock drinking water solutions, please contact:

Doug White
General Manager – Livestock Drinking Water