JM Farm Pond Water

Silver Bullet Solution Eliminates Biofilm at Kentucky Broiler Farm that Uses Pond Source Water

The Problem:

JM Farms, located in Kentucky, had been experiencing significant buildup of biofilm and slime in the water system. The biofilm and slime buildup led to water with a poor taste and odor, decreased water and feed consumption, longer flock cycles and fewer-than-expected head sold, which resulted lower revenue for the farm. Understanding the impact that better treated water can have on the key metrics impacting JM Farms, Silver Bullet Water Treatment partnered with the farm to develop a custom Green Chemistry solution that took into account the unique needs of the customer. With livestock producers constantly looking to optimize animal health and their water and nutritional protocols, the Silver Bullet Water Treatment System is the premier solution for producers to maximize the delivery of the most important nutrient to their animals: clean drinking water.

JM Farms was impressed by the potential of the Silver Bullet solution to help improve the farm water treatment systems, its production and efficiency metrics. Silver Bullet is proven effective in the reduction of microorganism presence leading to a healthier flock; elimination of chemical taste to the water for improved consumption by the birds; elimination of the use of manually added water treatment chemicals; and the promotion of more efficient feed conversion. Silver Bullet’s benefits over traditional chemical-added water treatments also gives JM Farms a market advantage with processors and consumers that are demanding a more natural meat product.

The Silver Bullet Solution:

To improve the efficiency of the water system as well as the health and welfare of the JM Farm flock, Silver Bullet installed its Model AG310 solution via a manifold cut directly into the waterline. This installation method allowed for a side by side comparison of the impact of Silver Bullet as one line had only dirty pond water running through it and the other side only had Silver Bullet treated water running through.

The installation of the system on JM Farm took place on September 9, 2016. Silver Bullet technical support team members installed all new piping for both the pond water line and the line that where the Silver Bullet gas was treating the pond water. This allowed the grower to have a fresh baseline to observe the impact of Silver Bullet has eliminating biofilm and slime in the lines.

The Silver Bullet Solution Provides Excellent Results:

After only a few months in service, Silver Bullet technical service providers returned to JM Farm to cut open the newly installed lines to show JM Farm managers the immediate success that Silver Bullet had in keeping the piping clean and providing a healthier, odor-free and better tasting water to the birds.

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Silver Bullet is the Premier Water Treatment Choice of Today’s Livestock Producer

The results from the testing on JM Farm perfectly show how Silver Bullet’s benefits over traditional chemical-added water treatments could give your business a market advantage, increase revenues, and generally make your operation run more easily. Silver Bullet provided JM Farm cleaner lines, decreased bacteria levels, less biofilm and better tasting water for the birds. The bottom line is that JM Farm had a healthier flock and saved money on the bird health and labor efficiency once the farm installed the Silver Bullet Water Treatment solution.
Silver Bullet is the premier, “green chemistry” water treatment system for today’s sustainability-conscious livestock producer. Let our Silver Bullet Service Team experts work with you to provide you solutions for all your water treatment needs.

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