Overcome Challenging & Costly Water Quality Issues

Plant production operations face a myriad of challenges to deliver high yield and high quality products to market. Water quality and its impact on the plant and grow equipment is the primary concern of the horticulture industry.

We provide advanced Green Chemistry water treatment solutions for horticulture water problems such as:

  • Poor plant growth

  • Damage to equipment

  • High maintenance costs

  • Labor-intensive treatment methods

  • Storage and handling of hazardous chemicals

  • Regulatory non-compliance


Green Solutions Provide your Plants the Benefits of Clean Water

Silver Bullet for horticulture and marijuana water treatment improves the water management programs of our customers by providing patented solutions that adhere to Green Chemistry principles to condition and enhance water used for plant production.

We have a deep understanding of the specific water management needs of our customers:


Custom Technology for Your Unique Plant Production Operation

From treating hydroponic water for leafy greens to cannabis water treatment, we work with growers to integrate scalable, custom solutions to save time, money, and ensure water quality expectations are met.

All Silver Bullet horticulture water treatment solutions include service benefits, routine maintenance, and performance reporting programs tailored to the operational needs of the customers.

Silver Bullet is the Answer to Your Water Treatment Needs

Do not wait for water quality problems to get out of control and cost your overall production. Contact Silver Bullet Water Treatment for a water quality and facility evaluation today.


For sales, service and more information about our horticulture solutions, please contact:

Kyle Lisabeth
Director of Business Development, Horticulture