Sustainable, Green Chemistry Technologies & Services for Your Portfolio

One of our most valued assets is our dealer network and we are proud of the work they put in on behalf of our customers. Our dealers are experts in the markets they serve, be it livestock drinking water, data centers, commercial cooling towers, or horticulture. We strive to provide our dealers with the technology and support they need to be water service leaders in their respective markets.

A Water Treatment Technology You Can Be Proud to Sell

Through innovative research, testing and design, we have developed a product line that is simple in design, easy to implement for any customer, and is good for the environment.

Silver Bullet dealers benefit from our cost competitive technologies and solutions:

  • Unique, Patented Technology

    • Silver Bullet products are sustainable and adhere to Green Chemistry principles and have significantly smaller environmental footprints than traditional chemical solutions

  • Recurring Revenue

    • Solutions and service are rented monthly, meaning no large capital expenditure and monthly recurring revenue for our Dealers

  • Continuous Customer Relationship

    • While our technology and solutions can be installed in less than a day, dealers maintain an ongoing relationship with customers to ensure continued water treatment services and satisfaction


Contact Silver Bullet & Find Out How to Become a Dealer!

We are always looking to grow our family of dealers and you may be the perfect fit!

Our dealers represent our products, our people, our values and our mission. With such a high standard, we only align ourselves with the highest quality water treatment suppliers to best promote our brand and our current roster of exemplary dealers. Silver Bullet’s philosophy is not to appoint as many dealers as possible, but only those with the adequate skill-set, drive and business acumen.

If you think your business would be a good fit for our dealer network, please contact:

Jennifer Killion
National Sales Director – Dealer Development