Data Centers

Advanced Water Treatment Technology For Mission Critical Data Centers

Data centers must provide dependable, continuous operation for the security and accessibility of their customer’s data and information. We take the same pride in providing a Green Chemistry technology for data centers to ensure their adiabatic cooling, evaporative condensers, cooling towers, and humidification systems are working at peak efficiency.

Silver Bullet is the industry’s premier water treatment service for data center cooling systems and we address the following common issues:

  • Biofilm buildup

  • Bacteria growth such as legionella

  • Corrosion of system components from the use of chlorine treatments

  • High mineral deposits

  • Liability or labor concerns from the storage of hazardous chemicals

Silver Bullet Benefits Meet Your Data Center Water Treatment Needs

Our deep understanding of the specific water management needs of our customers allows us to provide cooling system, condenser and chiller solutions that:



Custom Solutions that Save Time & Money

We work with data centers to integrate scalable, custom solutions to save time, money and ensure specific water quality expectations are met. Equally important, benefits of Silver Bullet result in a return on investment through maximized cooling system efficiency, improved power/water use efficiency, minimized corrosivity risk, and better use of labor resources.

All Silver Bullet cooling water system treatment solutions support Green Chemistry principles and include service benefits, routine maintenance, and performance reporting programs tailored to the operational needs of the customer.

Mission Critical Data Centers Cannot Afford to Wait

If your mission critical data center’s commercial cooling, chiller or humidification system needs evaluation, contact Silver Bullet Water Treatment today.

For sales, service and more information about our technology for mission critical data centers, please contact:

Jennifer Killion
Director of Sales, Cooling Water