Commercial Cooling

Silver Bullet AOP System Installed on Cooling Tower

“The Silver Bullet I have been using for

almost five years now and its been a

remarkable piece of equipment…

It [water] went to a crystal clear within

two days and I couldn’t believe it.

It was the fastest turn around I’ve ever

seen in my life.”

– Michael Michna

Chief Engineer, The Oxford Hotel

Innovative Water Treatment Solutions for Cooling Towers

Commercial cooling tower water treatment engineers face a myriad of problems to reach today’s corporate mandates for system efficiency, sustainability, and cost control.

We provide advanced Green Chemistry water treatment solutions for common cooling tower problems such as:

  • Biological contamination

  • Scale formation

  • Fouling

  • Corrosion


Lab Developed, Field Tested, Proven Benefits

Silver Bullet treats and improves the quality of water by providing patented technology that helps our customers save money, maximize resources and lessen cooling tower cleaning and maintenance. Years of research, development and field testing have proven that Silver Bullet Water Treatment solutions:


Custom Water Treatment Solutions

Silver Bullet understands that each customer has unique challenges with their water. Our technology adheres to Green Chemistry principles, is scalable and can be tailored to ensure your specific water quality expectations are met. Equally important, Silver Bullet’s benefits will result in a return on investment through maximized cooling system efficiency, minimized corrosivity risk, and better use of labor resources.

Service, Technology & Savings

All Silver Bullet cooling water system treatment solutions include service benefits, routine maintenance, and performance reporting programs tailored to the operational needs of the customer.

Do not wait for your water to cause challenging and costly problems with your cooling towers. Call Silver Bullet today and be on the cutting edge of water treatment technology.

For sales, service and more information about Silver Bullet’s technology for commercial cooling systems, please contact:

Jennifer Killion
Director of Sales, Cooling Water