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Sustainable, Non-Chemical Water Management Solutions for Leading-Edge Organizations 


Sustainability. Water resource management. Energy efficiency. Safety.  These are all goals of leading-edge organizations regarding the implementation of technologies and meeting regulatory requirements. Silver Bullet Water Treatment values our customers’ voice. In return, we have developed non-chemical water management solutions for commercial cooling to help your company achieve those goals where using traditional Level 8 corrosive chemical treatments fall painfully short. 


The Silver Bullet Water Treatment Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) solution is our cornerstone non-chemical, commercial cooling technology.  This low-energy consuming solution produces up to 75% less of a carbon footprint than other leading commercial cooling water treatment options, including chlorine dioxide, sodium hypochlorite, and corona discharge. From a water resource management perspective, Silver Bullet Water Treatment’s AOP solution improves Cycles of Concentration and Water Use Efficiency metrics.


Installed in a day and very simple to operate, the Silver Bullet Water Treatment AOP solution benefits also are supported by the findings of a 4-year government research project managed by the GSA, DOE, and NREL. The three federal agencies confirmed that our AOP and other non-chemical solutions are among the most effective treatments for microbial contamination in cooling towers. The AOP solution kills highly pathogenic bacteria such as Legionella, mitigates algae blooms, and decreases biofouling. Effective biological management for water treatment aids in destabilizing the biofilm-scale matrix, causing the bulk scale to fall off from adhered surfaces, resulting in scale remediation.


Silver Bullet Water Treatment has the non-chemical water management solutions that help conserve valuable natural resources, limit safety risks, and boost sustainability ideals held by the best companies and their customers. 


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