Bijou Hill Dairy

Craig Pearson of Bijou Hill Dairy located in Byers, Colorado has had the Silver Bullet installed since April 2012 and has experienced outstanding results.

“During this time, Silver Bullet has sampled several of the troughs at Bijou Hill Diary and sent the samples to an independent laboratory for biological testing. The tests show a 10,000-fold reduction in coliforms, 100-fold reduction in HPC, a ten-fold reduction in Staphylococcus Aureus (Staph), a ten-fold reduction in Escherichia Coli (E. Coli), and Listeria has been nearly eradicated.

We at Bijou Hill have seen excellent results while using the Silver Bullet system:

  • Somatic cell counts have gone done by 100,000 cells, and the lower cell count appears to be stable

  • The cows are drinking out of troughs that they never used to drink out of

  • In our milk chiller water, we have seen a reduction of bacteria to an undetectable level

  • We believe that the overall health of our herd is much better than we have ever seen it before

Dairymen and farmers are a very busy group of individuals. In their busy lives they tend to neglect water quality and the importance that it may have in the well-being of their animals. Clean water for dairies is something that should be given more consideration in running an overall healthy farm.

There are many harmful bacteria that are constantly growing in the animals’ water troughs and the negative effects that these bacteria have on the health of our animals is sometimes lost in the mix of day-to-day operations.

Based on these facts, Bijou Hill Dairy would recommend the Silver Bullet Water Treatment system to any fellow farmer of dairymen. It has greatly increased our overall water quality and we believe it would do the same for anyone who would give it a chance.”

Craig Pearson
Bijou Hill Dairy
2020 Bradbury Krebs Road
Byers, CO 80103