Silver Bullet Analytics: Fast Turnover, Accurate Testing, And Value-Added Consulting

We believe in using science to optimize your business.  Whether you utilize Silver Bullet’s water management services or not, Silver Bullet Analytics has the capability to combine industry-leading turnover time, cutting edge technology, accurate testing, and the unique ability to use our expertise to provide context to your results.


Along with the benefits above, we are committed to work with our Analytics customers to meet their specific project/business testing requirements and offer comprehensive technical support.


What Do Analytic Testing Results Mean for Your Business? We Can Help!

Silver Bullet Analytics understands that every business that relies on lab testing may not have the capacity to fully understand or interpret results. This is what makes Silver Bullet Analytics unique. Our scientists bring you their knowledge and experience to provide value-added context to your test results. While our experts will not make specific business recommendations, we will consult with you to explain the best options available as dictated by the testing data.


Businesses Move Fast, So Does Silver Bullet Analytics

Our average water or plant tissue test turn over time of 5-10 days is far better than industry standard of 2+ weeks. And, for some tests, we can turn over results even faster. If you are tired of delaying business decisions while waiting for lab results, talk to Silver Bullet Analytics today!



Small steps can lead to great leaps forward.

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