2C&R Farm

Silver Bullet Solution Helps 195,000 Head of Chicken Farm Improve Feed Conversion, Mortality, number of Birds Sold and Revenue

The Problem

2C&R Farm, located in North Carolina, had been experiencing less than desired mortality rates and feed conversion levels. These deficiencies led to longer flock cycles and fewer than expected head sold, which resulted in lower revenue for the farm. Understanding the impact that better treated water can have on the key metrics impacting 2C&R, Silver Bullet Water Treatment partnered with the farm to develop a custom solution considering the unique needs of the customer. With livestock producers constantly looking to optimize animal health and their water and nutritional protocols, the Silver Bullet Water Treatment system is the premier solution for producers to maximize the delivery of the most important nutrient to their animals: clean water.

2C&R Farm was impressed by the potential of Silver Bullet Green Chemistry solutions and how they could help improve the farm’s production metrics. Silver Bullet solutions are proven effective in the reduction of microorganism presence in water leading to a healthier flock; elimination of chemical taste to the water for improved consumption by the birds; elimination of the use of hazardous chemicals; and the promotion of more efficient feed conversion. Silver Bullet’s benefits over traditional chemical-added water treatments also gives 2C&R a market advantage with processors and consumers that are demanding a more natural meat product.

The Silver Bullet Solution

To improve the already exemplary care and to maximize the welfare of the animals that 2C&R already has established in its production system, Silver Bullet sought to test the impact of the model AG230 solution (a standard medium outdoor unit) on two 195,000+ head flocks.

Silver Bullet and 2C&R established the following standards for success:

  • Improve FCR to reach optimal bird weight at an improved time

  • Improve livability and mortality rates of flock

  • Bring healthier birds at ideal weight to market at an improved rate of speed

To test the impact of the Silver Bullet system on the production cycle at 2C&R, Silver Bullet established a baseline by testing a flock prior to installation of the water treatment system. On June 18, 2016 Silver Bullet installed is model AG230 at 2C&R and the two subsequent flocks were tested. The Silver Bullet’s patented technology optimized the health and welfare of the animals at 2C&R, improving operational efficiency.

Silver Bullet’s Positive Impact on 2C&R Farm’s Production Metrics and Finances:

2C&R Farm: Impact of Silver bullet Water Treatment
*Average weight differences over the 3 testing periods reflect the age of the birds and are not reflections of the effectiveness of the Silver bullet system.

*2C&R Farm Return on Investment
Based on a 35 Center Per Bird Market Price

*Financial results are for information purposes only. Silver Bullet does not guarantee the same results for all clients.

Following the study, we compared pre-installation flocks to post-installation flocks.

The implementation of the Silver Bullet solution yielded 2C&R Farm excellent bird production improvements for:

    • Age

    • Head sold

    • Amount of time optimal bird weight achieved

    • Mortality

      • Livability

      • Feed conversion rate (FCR)

      • Flock turnover rate improved


2C&R Farm’s financial benefits from using the Silver Bullet Water Treatment system are long-term and far-reaching:

2C&R achieved an immediate return on investment through:

  • Head sold per flock

  • Improved flock turnover time allows for more production per year

  • Improved health of birds decreases labor and vet costs

  • Ease of use allows 2C&R to concentrate time and resources typically dedicated to water treatment on more productive tasks

Silver Bullet Water Treatment is the Premier Water Treatment Choice of Today’s Livestock Producer

Results from the testing on 2C&R Farm perfectly show how Silver Bullet’s benefits over traditional chemical water treatments could give your business a market advantage, increase revenues, and generally make your operation run more smoothly. Silver Bullet provided 2C&R Farm cleaner, better tasting water. In turn, the birds increased their water consumption, converted their feed more efficiently, reached their ideal weight in significantly less time than before installation, and the flock was healthier overall. The better production metrics and health of the birds provided by the Silver Bullet solution allowed 2C&R to bring more birds to market at an improved period of time. The bottom line is that by providing 2C&R clean water for poultry, they had a healthier flock and made more money once the farm installed the Silver Bullet Water Treatment solution.

Silver Bullet is the premier, Green Chemistry water treatment system for today’s environmentally conscious livestock producer. Let our Silver Bullet Service Team experts work with you to provide solutions for all your water treatment needs.

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