Silver Bullet’s Kyle Lisabeth Talks Cannabis Water Treatment on M2 TechCast

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Michigan-focused tech podcast highlights water treatment needs for region’s cannabis culitvators.

Silver Bullet Water Treatment continues to make an impact in the Great Lakes region cannabis industry. As the recreational/medical cannabis industry continues to expand in Michigan and soon to explode in Illinois, Silver Bullet is establishing itself as the go-to water management solution provider to growers throughout the region.

On the M2 TechCast, Kyle discusses:

  1. Who is Silver Bullet Water Treatment and how do are we helping the cannabis industry?
  2. What advice can Silver Bullet provide commercial growers about their water management program?
  3. How will Michigan’s new recreational cannabis rules impact cultivation?
  4. What has Silver Bullet learned from other states with medical and recreational cannabis programs?
  5. How can a better water management program save reduce costs and make more revenue?

Silver Bullet’s knowledge of the cannabis industry and its consultation services are being featured by broadcasters and there will be more to come soon. Keep checking back!