Silver Bullet Solutions for Indoor Plant Cultivation

Water Quality Products Magazine has published a case study on the Silver Bullet Water Treatment solutions for a Northern California indoor plant cultivation facility.

“By implementing the water treatment design, the grower was able to achieve significant economic and operational benefits, including:

  • Avoided discharging untreated constituents or adding additional wastewater treatment processes

  • Reduced reliability and demand on municipal water utilities for source water

  • Capitalized on reusing synthetic nutrient fertilizers and reducing operational costs associated with treating additional incoming source water

  • Compliance with regulatory statutes that require all future commercial cultivation facilities to integrate zero-liquid discharge standards

  • Avoided costly future retrofits by integrating water collection and reuse into the facility’s initial design-build

Using the Solution, the customer has been able to implement a successful closed-loop water management strategy and has begun to recycle nutrients to offset operational costs. By collecting, treating and blending the irrigation runoff, many macro-and micro-plan nutrients can be reintroduced into the nutrient formula.”

Read the full article here from Water Quality Products.