Poultry Production & Water Management

When it comes to poultry production, birds are extremely sensitive to their water. From temperature, to taste, to the time of day they drink, providing a solid water management program is essential to producing a healthy and successful flock.

Beyond water, farmers provide things like probiotics, vitamins, and essential oils to their birds to improve overall growth and health. However, many of these common items can also create water issues if not properly managed. As these products are fed into the water systems and lines, they tend to stick to the walls of pipes and drinkers, accelerating bacteria growth and clogged lines. Eventually this can lead to poor water quality and flow, both of which are important in maintaining a productive flock.

The keys to keeping a clean water supply are:

  • Knowing the water supply’s challenges and addressing them properly. Inadequate cleaning is a waste of time and effort.

  • Using a daily water sanitizer best suited for the operation that is compatible with water, easy to use, ease to monitor and cost effective for the farm.

  • Establishing a program to monitor and verify water quality.

While these tasks seem simple, the maintenance of a water system is best handled by professionals with the skills and resources to test, monitor and adequately treat the farm’s water supply.

  • Along with properly treating the water itself, the water system also must be properly maintained. Leading poultry industry experts advocate the following water line cleaning fundamentals:

  • Use the right concentration of a cleaner and give it the proper amount of time to work.

  • The entire system must be cleaned: the water lines, standpipes, regulators and distribution pipes. If any part of the system is not cleaned of biofilm and other residue, it can undermine all the time and effort spent on cleaning and lead to health problems in a broiler flock.

  • No two farms are the same, so it is necessary to have experts test for microbial content during all stages of the drinking water system.

  • No matter how well the system was flushed clean, flush the lines after cleaning.

Silver Bullet has the technology and solutions to help livestock operations achieve and maintain a clean, safe drinking water system for your animals. Our solutions are sustainable, easy to maintain and run 24/7/365. Silver Bullet’s solutions also are backed by a staff of professional water treaters, chemists and engineers that will be your partners in making sure your water systems meet your expectations. If you need help keeping your water systems and lines clean and want to provide your birds with higher quality water, we would love to help you out. With our suite of AOP, UV and Filtration systems, we can certainly improve your water management programs.