New Poultry Industry Health & Stewardship Certificate Program

During an October 9 speech at the Delmarva Poultry Industry’s 2018 National Meeting on Poultry Health, Processing and Live Production, Mountaire Farms Director of technical marketing, Dr. Don Ritter previewed a new poultry industry health standard.

As reported by, Ritter provided some details on the One Health Certified program, which would be a collaborative program run by the industry with audits by USDA. The goal of the program is to create an animal production standard with meaning and value to both customers and the industry.

According to’s reporting, Ritter said the developing standard likely will have the following five core principles:

  1. A biosecurity program to keep disease out

  2. An animal health plan including mandatory treatment protocols for sick animals

  3. Responsible antibiotic stewardship

  4. Third-party audited animal welfare program

  5. Environmental measurements

Ritter said the program will be constantly evolving to fulfill the needs of the poultry industry and the consumer, with 29 retailers giving the program preliminary approval. There will be separate system-based programs for chicken and turkey, and Ritter said there would be no need to divert product for testing, allowing for a consistent product supply, reported.

Silver Bullet’s poultry drinking water treatment solutions could play a key role in helping producers achieve this new certification. As an effective biocide, Silver Bullet helps keep disease out of the bird’s drinking water system. As the Silver Bullet technology manages microbial issues in the water, the grower can limit his use of antibiotics, leading to a more effective stewardship program. And, as a sustainable, “green chemistry” process technology solution, Silver Bullet effectively contributes to boosting a poultry operation’s environmental program.

For more information on Silver Bullet’s livestock drinking water solutions, please contact us at 303-552-2383.