Press Release: Silver Bullet Water Treatment and Pristine H2O Team Up

(GOLDEN, CO, July 25, 2018) – Silver Bullet Water Treatment, LLC (“Silver Bullet”), a sustainable, green chemistry water treatment solutions provider announced a new dealer agreement with Pristine Ventures (“Pristine”). Pristine, doing business as Pristine H2O, will market, sell and service Silver Bullet’s water treatment products and services to the controlled environment agriculture market in California and the Pacific Northwest.

“Silver Bullet partnering with Pristine Ventures as a dealer was a natural fit,” said Dave Lisle, Silver Bullet’s CEO. “Pristine is owned and operated by highly experienced and well regarded licensed cultivators in the controlled environment growing industry and their expertise coupled with the trust they have earned from fellow growers’ has positioned both organizations for sustained future success.”

With this agreement, Pristine CEO Tony Tran said his company will utilize its experience in every aspect of the seed to sale business cycle within the cannabis industry to offer fellow growers impactful, “green chemistry” water treatment solutions. “Pristine Ventures has linked arms with Silver Bullet as the first dealer and service provider in the cannabis growing space to offer Silver Bullet’s process technology to like-minded clients who desire to improve crop health, achieve consistent yields and increase end-product quality,” said Tran.

As an authorized dealer, Pristine H2O will offer the full suite of Silver Bullet process technologies to growers that want to implement state-of-the-art, non-hazardous water treatment methods such as the patented Silver Bullet advanced oxidation process (AOP) system, ultraviolet direct disinfection (UV), and filtration solutions.

“Pristine is excited to utilize our expertise on the cultivation side of controlled environment agriculture in combination with Silver Bullet’s sustainable water treatment services to best serve growers,” said Pristine COO John Hsu. “Silver Bullet and Pristine can meet the cultivator’s demand for better microbial control, water reuse to save resources, improved precision irrigation and logistical savings,” Tran said.

With Pristine joining the Silver Bullet family of dealers, more dealer agreements are on the horizon. “It is clear that achieving market penetration in the controlled environment agriculture sector will require collaboration,” Lisle said. “Silver Bullet is developing targeted partnerships to help us best serve our customer base. We are delighted to have Pristine lead the way with these new dealer agreements and both organizations are excited about the future growth we will achieve.”

About Pristine Ventures
Pristine Ventures (DBA Pristine H20) is a water treatment equipment dealer and consulting company which helps other cultivation companies achieve commercial success in a rapidly evolving, regulated market. Pristine’s management is comprised of veteran cannabis cultivators with proven commercial success, with expertise in cutting edge hydroponics in state of the art, CEA, Rockwool™ and Deep-Water Culture facilities.