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Silver Bullet Water Treatment COVID Update

Silver Bullet Water Treatment is OPEN for business and working to provide the best quality water for our customers. However, we are taking serious precautions to protect our customers, employees and communities. Please CLICK HERE to find out more from our CEO, Brad Walsh.


Silver Bullet for horticulture and marijuana water treatment improves the water management programs of our customers by providing custom solutions that condition and enhance water used for plant production.


Silver Bullet systems for livestock drinking water provides our customers with multiple options to treat and enhance source water to maximize efficiency in the animal production process. Designed to be sustainable, prevent loss and increase farm efficiency.


Silver Bullet treats and improves the quality of water by providing patented technologies and custom solutions that help our cooling tower customers maximize resources, control microbial outbreaks and lower maintenance costs.

We are in the process of building a new website with more helpful content and solutions. Construction will be completed shortly so check back soon!

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When it comes to water treatment companies, we are more than just a water purifier or filter. We provide comprehensive water management service and solutions. We design water treatment systems that along with continued service and support ensures complete management of your water needs.